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ASHA’s Mission

Public diplomacy is our nation’s outreach to people around the world, delivering an accurate and authentic American message. It strengthens alliances by providing citizens of friendly countries with knowledge about American values and with aid that improves daily lives by fostering expanded transnational business operations and building enlightened institutions. America’s greatest assets are core constitutional values like freedom of speech, freedom of the press, equal justice under the law and freedom of religion. These values cannot be imposed, rather, they are communicated by example and by the prosperity that results from these values. ASHA’s support to institutions that reflect core American values is an investment in peace, prosperity and quality of life for all.

2020 Partners Meeting

Thank you for participating in ASHA’s 2020 Partners Meeting held February 18-19. We hope that all the information, knowledge, and experience shared among the group was as valuable to you as it was to us. If you were unable to attend the Meeting or if you would like to further explore the content covered, please scroll down to the “2020 Meeting Resources” section. For questions or additional information, please contact us at

2020 Meeting Resources

Downloadable Presentation How to apply for an ASHA Award
All Partners Meeting post-materials can be accessed here
For a list of participants registered for the 2020 Partners Meeting, click here
Pictures from the Partners Meeting here

ASHA Toolkit

To access ASHA’s toolkit for assistance before applying for an award or post award please click here: ASHA Toolkit